Enriched Uranium in guided weapons by the Israeli Military

Evidence of Enriched Uranium in guided weapons employed by the Israeli Military in Lebanon in July 2006 - Preliminary Note.
Published on 20 October 2006

Abstract: Several samples were obtained from Lebanon. Two samples of soil from the area will be compared in this report. The first sample LS6 was a piece of impacted red soil or clay which had been thrown from the explosion of a heavy bomb or guided bomb which exploded in Khiam in S Lebanon. The sample had a blackish surface discoloration. A similar sample was obtained from a separate crater near Taire, in a different area. This sample was LS7 and was also of reddish clay, but the scintillation counter results were lower and were similar to other soil samples from the area. Both LS6 and LS 7 were placed in a lead castle and examined at a distance of 2cm for alpha and beta surface activity using an alpha discriminating Electra 1A scintillation counter with a type DP2 4 inch square probe (Nuclear Enterprises, Beenham Berkshire). In addition the samples were left overnight (for 12 hours) in contact with CR39 plastic slides and the alpha tracks were then etched with 6N Potassium hydroxide at 70degrees and counted using a light microscope. This gave a measure of the surface alpha activity.

Read the full text: http://www.greenaudit.org/evidence_of_enriched_uranium_in_guided_weapons_employed_by_the_israeli_military_in_lebanon_in_july_2006.htm

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