The mission

NWRC is a group of independent scientists and doctors based in Italy
which studies the non-conventional weapons and their middle-term effects
on the residents of areas afflicted by the conflicts. NWRC aims at:
obtaining proofs of weapons utilized; assessing the long term risks on
individuals and populations also after the end of the war; learning how
to take care of and protect survivors utilizing the tools of clinical
and predictive investigations.

Within a week from the beginning of the war between Israel and Lebanon on July 12, 2006 doctors in Lebanon and in Gaza denounced weapons previously unseen by medical personnel which in both cases had long experience of emergency medicine in warfare situation. The question that reached us was: "we never saw before wounds and corpses like those that arrive in the ward. What are these new weapons that cause such wounding and horrible deaths? Help us to find out what to do for the people". The large majority of victims were women children and elders, in both locations, as direct consequence of the attacks on housing, markets, streets and communication roads and of the use of largely excessive force.
Our work is mostly concerned with researching and analyzing reports and data to understand the agents utilized in the war and to promote risk assessment surveys for the effects on individuals and population of the weapons utilized. In order to know how to cure and protect survivors by medical and predictive studies. This implies actions at different levels and at different times and for different length of time and multiple professional actors and methodologies: information collection and information verification, survey, analysis and elaboration of data, sharing of all the tasks with concerned local partners, providing the results to tribunals or for other initiatives.

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