Radiation Measurements of craters produced by Israeli Bomardments on Lebanon

A Study by Gamma-, Alpha- and Mass- Spectroscopy Measurements of Uranium Isotopes Activity and Mass Ratios in Dust, Soil and Water Samples Obtained from Craters Produced by Israeli Bombardments on Lebanon during the July\August Conflict 2006.

By Dr. Mohammed Ali Kobeissi, Professor of Physics and Researcher, member of Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research.

Abstract: In this report we present results of the investigation on the possible use of depleted and non-depleted uranium by the Israeli bombardments on Lebanon during the July/August conflict 2006. The study was made on two dozens of dust and soil samples collected from appropriate craters of several areas in Lebanon using Gamma- Alpha- and Mass-spectroscopy techniques. Most of the results show no contaminations by DU except in Khiam crater area where high radio activity of uranium was present, which might indicate the use of weapons equipped with DU and dirty natural uranium.

Read the full text: kobeissi.pdf

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