Was enriched uranium used in the Israeli/Lebanon Conflict?

Original title: Depleted and Enriched Uranium in Lebanon, a Scientific Approach to the Clarification of whether Uranium was used in the Israeli/Lebanon Conflict.

By Dr. Mohammed Ali Kobeissi, Professor of Physics and Researcher, member of Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research.

Abstract: Since the declaration (Daily Star, An-Nahar) on August 20th-06 by the author of this article on the presence of high level of nuclear radiation in one of the missiles craters in Khiam caused by the Israeli bombardments, the dispute about the origin and cause of such radiation is still taking place in the media. On December 7th-06, The Daily Star has reported again on the presence of Uranium in a soil sample obtained from the Khiam town bomb crater caused by Israeli air force bombardments. The report was taken from an interview given by the British expert, Dr. Chris Busby to the Environment and Development magazine in its December-06 issue. In a detailed article written by Robert Fisk in the Independent (UK,October 28-06), followed by a long report in the As-Safir paper(Lebanon, October30-06), all stating that enriched Uranium has been found in the Khiam crater. Both, The Independent and AS-Safir, have relied on results in a report obtained from Dr. Chris Busby and his co-worker Dai Williams. In a conference arranged in Linz (Austria) on the Use of Dirty Weapons by Israel on Lebanon, where I took part in the Lectures of that Conference, a copy of that report was also submitted to me on October 26-06 by Williams. Such report at that time has created an atmosphere of anxiety among the Lebanese citizens and confusions among the scientific community.

Read the full text: Depleted and Enr Kobeissi jan06Uranium in Lebanon.pdf

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