Evidence of uranium contamination in combat zones

Original title: Evidence of “almost natural” Uranium contamination in recent combat zones indicates the development and use of large uranium weapons.

By Dai Williams, independent researcher Eos, Surrey, UK. Published on 24 July 2006.

Abstract: Several studies have reported increased levels of uranium contamination in human and environmental samples since the use of uranium weapons by US and UK forces in combat zones since 1991. Officially reports acknowledge the use of Depleted Uranium in kinetic energy (high density) anti-tank and anti-missile ammunition. However urine samples from civilians living near bombed targets in Afghanistan (UMRC 2002) showed very high levels of apparently natural uranium contamination - from 15 to 80x normal compared to the UK population (80 to 400 ng/litre compared to normal of 5 ng/litre). These observations led to the scenario that US weapons manufacturers may be using uranium alloys based on almost natural uranium feedstock instead of recycled depleted uranium.

Read the full text: Eos U summary July 2007.pdf

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