UN priorities for investigating uranium

Original title: UN priorities for investigating uranium and other suspected illegal weapons in the Israel/Lebanon conflict.


By Dai Williams, independent researcher Eos, Surrey, UK. Published on August 2006.

On 11 August 2006 the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) and other organisations called for UN investigation of suspected illegal weapons and other war crimes during the Israel / Lebanon conflict. Carbonised bodies and large fireballs indicate that Israeli forces may have used uranium bunker buster warheads or other weapons of indiscriminate effect. Suspected weapons and their hazards are described. Procedures for forensic investigation and priorities to protect Lebanese and international personnel are recommended.
Environmental radiation testing is an immediate priority in Lebanon and neighbouring countries. Previous UN post-conflict inspections in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq were long delayed and prevented from analysing any bomb or missile targets for uranium. But increased uranium dust was measured in other countries e.g. in Hungary and in the UK. International support is needed to ensure fast and effective scientific investigations in Lebanon and to prevent delays or subversion of UN and any other environmental testing.

Read the full text: august-dai-williams.pdf

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