Lebanon Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment (Source Unep)

Published in January 2007 by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Abstract: The recent conflict in Lebanon and in Israel, which began in July 2006 and lasted for more than a month led to nearly one million Lebanese – over to a quarter of the total population – fleeing their homes. This massive human displacement and destruction or severe damage of approximately 30,000 housing units clearly had a very deep impact on the civilian population. Within hours of the ceasefire on 14 August, large numbers began returning home — a measure of the resilience of the Lebanese people but also representing a huge challenge for the aid workers trying to deal with the flood of returnees. Removal of the huge amount of rubble generated by the conflict represented a further challenge but one that got underway surprisingly quickly and, as part of the reconstruction work, is on-going.

Read the full text: http://www.unep.org/pdf/Lebanon_PCOB_Report.pdf
Browse the full laboratory results: http://postconflict.unep.ch/lebanonreport
Unep Post-Conflict Branch for Lebanon: http://postconflict.unep.ch/index.php?prog=lebanon
Unep Environmental Impact on Lebanon section: http://www.unep.org/lebanon/

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