We are pleased to announce that the new NWRG project for 2022, supported with Otto per Mille funds from the Waldensian Church (granted in November, 2021) has delivered at the  end of January, 2022 the first batch, of 3, of medical supplies.
The support was delivered to the local Ministry of Health for use in the hospital wards of Neonatal Intensive Care.
The project aims to detect along one year the cases of neonatal sepsis and identify the causes in order to assign adequate therapy to those affected.
Neonatal sepsis is a blood infection and the leading cause of death of newborns: it accounts for about 50% of neonatal lethality cases among those hospitalized in intensive care units.
Acting quickly can prevent death or permanent damage to the newborn, such as irreversible brain damage, developmental delay, epilepsy, or damage to other organs. Sepsis can be
addressed with immediate identification and targeted antibiotic therapy. Gaza currently lacks
the material safeguards to do so.
In Gaza, about 70,000 babies are born a year and 10% are hospitalized in intensive care units;
of these about 50% are at risk or have sepsis.
Hence the motivation of our project. The contribution will therefore potentially protect / save about 3,500 newborns a year from the consequences of this infection.
Sepsis diagnostic materials were at the end of the past year at zero stock. By providing along one year the materials for laboratory diagnosis we can immediately promote the offer in continuity of a life-saving service.
Our group, having collaborated scientifically for 10 years in projects in the maternity wards of Gaza, is aware of the importance of maintaining the program of diagnosis and treatment of neonatal sepsis and give it continuity. But, we are also aware of other needed interventions.
Thus, New Weapons Research Group onlus asks you to support its solidarity work and professional collaboration with Gaza doctors and nurses for the monitoring and improvement  of maternal and newborn health.
We are now collecting donations for training abroad of medical personnel and to provide further supplies and instruments for neonate health.

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