PHROC Condemns the Death of Palestinian Sick Prisoner Sami Abu Diyak

On 26 November 2019, Palestinian prisoner Sami Abu Diyak died in al-Ramleh Prison Clinic. Abu Diyak was arrested on 17 July 2002, two of his friends were killed during his arrest and another injured. After his arrest, he went through intensive interrogation at the Jalameh interrogation center where he was subjected to various types of physical and psychological torture. During the interrogation period, he was transferred to the hospital three times as a result of the torture and after each time the Israeli occupation forces brought Sami Abu Diyak directly from the hospital to the interrogation rooms once again. After 75 days of this intensive interrogation and torture, the military occupation court sentenced Sami Abu Diyak to three life sentences and 30 years in prison. He has served 17 years, many of them being transferred in and between prisons, clinics, and hospitals.


Read the full statement of the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council




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