Operational Response for Gaza 2019: ongoing health response & 96-hour Contingency Planning

Conflict-related trauma remains a major burden of disease on the health sector in Gaza and since the mass demonstrations by Palestinians began on 30 March 2018, every week there is a growing number of injured people in need of urgent life and limb saving interventions. According to the latest information from the Health Cluster Situation Report issued on the 31st January, 261 people have been killed; and almost 28,000 injured by Israeli security forcesi.
Meanwhile, there are ongoing complex and serious injuries that require specialised treatment over a period of time; which is currently not available or with limited capacity in the Gaza Strip. In addition, rates of bone infection amongst injured patients have continued to grow, increasing the risk of amputations and even death.

 Read the full report hereafter.

FINAL_Health_Cluster_-_Gaza_ongoing_Needs__96_hr_Contingency_Plan_11Mar19.pdf948.33 KB

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