Independent Medical Fact-Checking Finding Mission

was a call for help in a house which had been randomly shelled at
Mujama’a St, East Gaza City. It was nearly 01:00 on the last day of
Ramadan. The house was in complete chaos when the team arrived. There
was dense smoke everywhere and a very bad smell which hardly allowed
them to breathe. I got the stretcher and the flashlight and entered the
building, where I immediately saw a badly injured woman under the
staircase. I took her to the ambulance and went back to the house. We
managed to fit 3-6 people into the second ambulance…. What shocked me
most about this incident was that I forgot the flashlight in the house
and my colleague asked me to go back and get it, since we would need it
later for other evacuations. When I went back, I heard the feeble cry of
a small baby which I hadn’t noticed before. I looked around but
couldn’t see anyone. Then I felt that the voice was coming from under a
heap of rubble in flames. I searched in the rubble, though I felt my
hands getting burnt, and finally I found a baby around one month old. I
took her and ran back to the ambulance, but before I arrived she stopped
breathing. I performed cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her, and
she came back to life. I was shocked by the incident, because she could
have been one of my children, and I had almost left her behind in the
fire to a certain death. I still thank God that I forgot the flashlight,
so I was forced to go back to the house and could find her! I found a
picture of her in the hospital on the internet, and I saved it, because
it is a great encouragement for me. Now I want to look for her and see
her grow, to tell her how proud I am that she is alive".



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