Gaza in need of medical support, appeal for children

Gaza is under attack and in need of medical support. Many children injured, many the difficulties of managing the emergency, and very black forecasts. The children were among the first victims, hit while playing football, and  already more than once since November 8. Others in their parents' lap, others wounded.

Children's hospitals and emergency services of general hospitals are, as always, for the block and the slavery imposed on the population, below the level of medical supplies essential and necessary and in the impossibility to deal without support with emergencies.

In these moments you need to ally in order to be effective, so we ask you to donate funds for this emergency and we agreed to send aid through Medical Aid for Palestine, and organization that for years supported the work of Palestinian doctors and, that in this moment of emergency, are able to use them at the best having already drawn the map of emergency needs.

We ask you to help in emergency immediately with your generous contributions.

Fundraising at

Read the Maniverso appeal (Italian)

Details to donate (Italian):

International Bank Account Number: IT29 D033 5901 6001 0000 0069 894
Registered to Organizzazione Umanitaria Maniverso Onlus
Important: write as the reason for the donation "EMERGENCY APPEAL". The funds will be kept separate from those of donations for structural aid. Please donate immediately, so we can act now.

NWRC Appeal (English)602.48 KB
NWRC Appeal (Italian)621.71 KB

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