European Parliament Makes Second Call For Depleted Uranium Ban

Published on Friendly fire on 4 December 2006. Friendly Fire is a newsletter, published three times a year, and collates the work of the 15 disarmament European organisations, the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons.

On the anniversary of last year?s historic vote for a moratorium leading to a ban on DU weapons, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which they called: "upon the EU and its Member States to work hard to ensure that the scope of Protocol III to the CCW on Incendiary Weapons is expanded in order to prevent the further use of white phosphorus shells against military and civilian targets and to stop the use of (depleted) uranium warheads." Last year?s vote for a ban came after two preceeding votes calling for a moratorium. MEPs have suggested that all three previous votes came as a direct result of lobbying by ICBUW.

Read the full text: EU-ban.pdf

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