Israeli military industries and the oppression of the great march of return in Gaza

The UAVs used by the ISF in the Great March of Return were not only used to disperse crowds with tear gas or skunk water, or to shoot down incendiary kites, but also were used directly against Palestinian civilians. Though the ISF has been denying the use of armed drones for years, testimonies indicate UAVs have been used in the extrajudicial killings of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza throughout the twenty-first century in ‘special’ missions the ISF consistently rebuts.


By June, numerous reports in Israeli and Palestinian media documented the ISF’s use of UAVs to fire at groups of Palestinians as they organized to defend themselves against Israeli aggression. In one instance, UAVs fired a series of warning shots at a group of Palestinians making burning balloons to launch at Israeli fields; in other instances, drones fired at kite-makers, and the shots were not simply warning shots. Such reports are particularly noteworthy because while the ISF continues to deny its use of killer drones, it takes pride in the advancements of their ever-growing fleet of UAVs.


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